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Friday, July 25, 2008

Frogs, camp and more on the loss of our referral

Swim lesson update: Igor's swim lessons are at the outdoor pool now. The water temperature of the indoor pool was too cold and he was miserable the entire swim lesson. Today's lesson was awesome. The water temperature of the pool was a warm 86 degrees! I wish I had brought my camera. Igor learned how to dive today! I was so proud of him.

The frogs are still here and alive. Igor feeds them and helps me change the water. The frog owners said to change the water every two or three days but after 36 hours the water is so cloudy we cannot see the frogs. Igor holds his nose when he feeds them! We are going to change the water daily because the water is so very stinky and cloudy. I don't think that's good for the frogs. We'll see if changing the water more often helps with the smell. I am so glad that we have a sink in the garage so we don't stink up the house when we change the water. Igor took these pictures while I cleaned the tank.

Igor went to camp for three days this week. He made this pond and duckling. It is proudly displayed on our kitchen table.

For those of you who have prayed for us these last few weeks, thank you. We are at peace with the loss of our referral. We are no longer anxious about the adoption timeline. We know we will receive a referral some day. We are okay with not knowing when we will hear something. When the phone rings I don't think it's AWAA calling. We are living life knowing we will receive a referral at the perfect time. For us, it's very freeing to let go of our preconceived thoughts on when it will all happen. Don't get me wrong, we long to know who our little boy is! We cannot wait to see his picture, to have a court date, to meet and hold him! However, we know there is a plan that is perfect for our family... so we wait knowing the best is yet to come.


Sherry said...

Candy -

I am praising God for the peace and perspective He has brought you. You continue to be on my heart alot. You are right that God knows EXACTLY when your little boy will come to you. He has so many lessons to teach ALL of us in the waiting. May we all have patience and be gloriously refined through this process.

Blessings! - Sherry

D & A said...

We have been praying for you and thinking of you often!

Amy M

E said...

Wow! Igor & Eben have the same problem - cold pools. Whenever Eben's had the opportunity to swim in a warmer pool, his swimming has flourished. The difference is astounding! And, I'll admit, I find it heartening to see my son enjoy swimming while not shivering and turning blue (no kidding - blue). Eben's very skinny and I just think he doesn't have the body fat to be able to handle cooler pools. Maybe Igor is similar? My sisters and I were serious (competitive) swimmers as children, and I've always felt strongly that I wanted to give my children the gift of being strong swimmers - especially since I plan to have them on the water sailing at some point. Anyway...I'm so glad you found such a great situation for Igor!

Continuing to pray for you all. Candy, your grace and faith are a testament to me!


beBOLDjen said...

God's grace is so evident in the way you are submitting and trusting in Him. Seeing you persevere in this way is so inspiring. I am thankful the Lord has given you peace and the ability to wait.... though I pray he would send your referral soon enough.

PS- that you would run over and be genuinly excited for our place in line only exaults the One you love so much. God bless you dear sister!!

Jori said...

Candy ~ still checking in with ya girl! So happy to hear "peace" in your voice. I am kneeling in the gap with ya.
love ya, Jori

shawn and tisha said...

Good job Igor! Learning how to dive, that's awesome! And the pond and duckling look great! :)

Candy, I'm so glad God has brought peace to your family through this hard time. He is so faithful. I pray that he will continue to fill you with his peace and that he will reveal the little one he has for you at the perfect time.

Team Dragovich said...

Thanks so much for dropping in to say Hi to us!! I love the pictures Igor took of cleaning out the frog tanks. You are a good mommy :D!!! It is also an encouragement to all of us (I think) to hear you talk about being at peace with this whole referral/court/travel time line. I appreciate you sharing your heart-- it causes me to praise God for His perfect timing and trust in His unfailing love.
Take care,

beBOLDjen said...

Thinking out you my rockin' sister! Praying your heart is encouraged and strengthened. When you posted about the possibility of us traveling together I was so excited. It hadn't occurred to me it was a possibility!!! That would be AWESOME!