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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

War and Peace, mold and AWAA adoption news....

I would like to give props to my dear husband who finished War and Peace this week!! I'm not sure I want to tackle War and Peace but I'm so glad Rob is reading Russian classics. Maybe some day he and Igor will read the book together.

Now it's on to mold.....
A few days ago we smelled something "weird" but couldn't find the cause until we looked up. Mold is growing on the hallway ceiling. UGH! The mold is growing directly under the recently replaced air conditioning coil in the attic! So a long story short- the coil was improperly installed. Tomorrow, I'm meeting with a supervisor of the HVAC company. It should be fun!

On the adoption front, more AWAA referrals have been issued! Finally, a little girl was referred this week after a long string of boy referrals. Several families will be traveling to Ethiopia in a week to pick up their little ones. Four families have court dates scheduled for August 6! It's their last chance to have their cases heard before court close for two months. Please pray their adoptions will be granted. I'll post links to the traveling families soon so you may follow their journey to Ethiopia.


Jori said...

Hey lady ~ So glad to see you updated! I miss you!!! When are you leaving on vacation? It sounds like it should be a good time and ... you need some R & R!! You have been in my thoughts alot ~ please know I am still kneeling in the gap with you! Praying for healing and movement in our Lord's timing. (((HUGS)))
love ya, Jori
MOLD??? YUCK! Not a fun thing at all!! :(:(

Jori said...

It's me again ~ How are you?? I hope you are getting ready for vacation and well ... just know I think of you often and am praying for your good news soon!! Hang in there!
love ya, Jori

shawn and tisha said...

Oh man! Mold does not sound like fun. I hope it's all an easy fix. Praying for you.