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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Update on life

It's been a busy week and a half. I think the next few weeks will be more "routine".

Here are some random highlights on life:
There are three families in Ethiopia this week picking up their children. The Gibsons, Raymers and the Ords. The Gibsons are in need of prayer as the court documents are not correct. Check out their blog for updated information. In the midst of the bad news Kari gave us an quick update on BOC. Kari said, "Your son is soooo PRECIOUS!!" The Ords sent us some pictures of BOC today! They also sent an update. I won't bore you with all the details so here's just one sentence from the e-mail: "... he has settled in and is a very good and sweet boy - she (the director of the Transitional Home) says she sees more and more smiles as the days go by."
We don't know if we'll make it to court by the August. As soon as we hear I will post something.

Igor's love for wearing PJ's outside the home continues (he loves wearing PJ tops AND shorts). When he wanted to wear his PJ top to church Rob and I agreed that was a bad idea. Our little negotiator worked on us until we agreed to let him wear his PJ top UNDER his church shirt. Some how he convinced the Sunday School teacher it was okay for him to take off his church shirt... our boy is very clever!

Our backyard wild life continues to vex and amaze me. I had two remaining tomatoes in pots, on chairs, next to the house to keep them safe from the deer. Well, my strategy worked until this morning. The deer ate every tomato on the vine and ate a majority of the tomato plant. I have officially given up on tomatoes this year. The deer also enjoyed ate most of my sunflower.
I have a new strategy with flowers- I have moved them to hanging baskets and flower boxes to keep the animals out. So far, so good.
This weekend I caught a Eastern Box Turtle trying to break into my Blackberry netting! I will post pictures soon. Igor wanted to keep the turtle but it's going to be a backyard turtle.

The bunny rabbits now have names- Mater, Sally & McQueen. They don't fear us any longer. When I am outside they don't even flinch! Unless I get within one foot of them they ignore me. I am pretty sure the squirrels and rabbits are in cahoots. I noticed several squirrels picking our pears and dropping them down for the rabbits to eat. Next year we should net the trees if we have any hope of eating some of our pears.

I bought 17 more bags of mulch (for 99 cents!!!). Rob and I spread it this week. My legs are still sore. It's great exercise though and the yard looks great.

I have eaten almost an entire jar of blackberry jam. Clearly my will power has gone on vacation! I will be canning more jars this week. They are suppose to be Christmas stocking stuffers! I think I will mail them out next week. (I am serious) There won't be any chance of eating them if they aren't here!

Igor's swim lessons continue on Friday. I haven't told him yet. I know he won't be pleased so I think I will wait until Friday. It's a dangerous strategy but I think it is the best one.


shawn and tisha said...

Glad you are getting news of BOC, that's great!

I can't believe how badly the animals have attacked your plants! Hopefully your hanging baskets and flower boxes stay safe. :)

E said...

We have two dogs...they've always managed to scare away bunnies and squirrels when I've been growing things. And...as I type this, there's a bunny rabbit in our backyard (we just returned from a mini vacation and the dogs haven't come back yet). Maybe you need a puppy? :)