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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jigsaw puzzles, picture frames, bird house repair and frogs

My parents sent us a jigsaw puzzle they recently finished. Rob and I enjoy the working on the puzzles together. I did the sky and the water while Rob put together the buildings. This puzzle was a lot of fun.

Igor loves jigsaw puzzles too so he put his puzzles together next to our puzzle.

We decided take a jigsaw puzzle to the beach. The thrift store sells 1,000 piece puzzles for $1! I bought two. While I was there I saw some huge frames. They were all under $20. I really wanted to frame Igor's painting but professional framing is sooo expensive. I don't know a thing about framing painting so I went on the internet and found a video which explained how to frame a painting on canvas. It looks simple enough so I bought this frame!

The frame had a small crack in the wood so I glued it back together. Igor needs to sign the painting and I need to buy a fastener for the back. Once that's done I will hang the painting over the mantel!
While I had the wood glue out I decided to fix my birdhouse. I don't own any clamps so my friend Holly said to put a bag of rice on top for 24 hours. I decided to use an open bag of rice. Obviously this was a BAD idea.... ugh!

We are currently pet sitting two frogs. I will post pictures of the frogs as soon as I clean their aquarium. I don't know why I but thought we would like taking care of the frogs. I was soooo wrong. The frogs are water frogs so we cannot hold them. If you cannot hold them are they a pet?? The food is very smelly and I have to change their water every other day. We have scratched off frogs as a potential pet.


Susan said...

I love the painting! It looks awesome in the frame! That is so special!

You cracked me up with the frogs. LOl!

Love you! Susan

kangaj1 said...

I am a jugsaw puzzle fanatic too! Aidan loves them as well. :)

E said...

Igor's painting is amazing - I love it! I'm a framer...it's a hobby of mine. Everywhere we've lived so far I've had access to a pro shop where I can frame to my heart's content (which doesn't take much). I like doing it, but I mostly learned so that I could frame our family pictures, art, etc. - I've also framed a lot of stuff for family, too. The markup for framing is phenomenal. The materials are expensive...but not nearly what you pay. I'm able to do stuff at a fraction of the cost. Of course, since our family live out of state, they really can't take advantage of my craftiness in this area because shipping costs for finished pieces are incredibly high. You'd be amazed at how many times we've done some really strange transporting of framed items - and some of the problems we've had in doing it. Worst experience: trying to transport a large (and very expensive) piece on the roof of our car. Let's just say, the frame's integrity was compromised when it blew off the roof going 75!

Hope all is well!