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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dairy-free, Church, Painting, Easter

Henry has been on a dairy-free diet for a week. He loves almond and soy milk so it's been an easy transition. Last night Henry had a melt down because Igor had a grilled cheese sandwich and he didn't. Henry is really good about food but he always surveys each plate on the table to make sure he isn't missing something on his. If he is, he makes sure I know about it! My mom found a "veggie cheese" that she likes so I will buy it for Henry and try to make grilled cheese sandwiches with it.

Henry is eating much more food than he was two weeks ago. I'm not sure if that is diet related or he is going through a growth spurt. Time will tell.

Tomorrow he gets his blood drawn again for allergy testing.

A friend of mine is from Ethiopia. I recently learned her mother is a pediatrician. I asked her via email and pictures about Henry's skin. Her mom said it can be one of three things- a fungus, a skin bacteria or dry skin. She didn't think it was a food allergy although she said that the medicine for ringworm and/or giardia could have caused the discoloration of the skin. She said if this was the case it could take months to clear up. The doctor said to put Vaseline on Henry's face every night before he goes to bed and then wash it off in the morning. I had thought Vaseline was a "no-no" but she said it was fine. So I have been putting Vaseline on his face nightly. We'll see if it makes a difference.

Igor enjoyed his time with Papa and Babushka. Babushka is teaching Igor how to play ping-pong!

Here is Igor's interpretation of the LL Bean catalog cover. I think he did a fantastic job!

Henry went to church on Easter Sunday! I stayed with him in the nursery. He was a little overwhelmed but did great. Monday and Tuesday Henry assumed the barnacle position. He wanted to be as close to me as possible. My legs are burning from carrying him for two days straight. I am so glad he thinks of me as safe person.

The boys on Easter!


E said...

I'd heard that about petroleum jelly, too. However, when we lived in Montana my friends and I would frequently apply it to our kids cheeks before outings to protect their skin from the weather. I just found a potential alternative at Carols Daughter. I haven't tried it...but I think they call it jelly or something. Might be worth a try...I love their hair products.

Oh...I had no idea self-employed & pastors were not eligible for the tax credit. Ouch!


shawn and tisha said...

Igor did a great job on his painting!!

I had to laugh when I read the part where you said, "Monday and Tuesday Henry assumed the barnacle position." Hope your legs are feeling better. :)