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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Henry, tummy troubles, Igor's drawings

Henry continues to amaze me. He loves to ride his three wheeled scooter around the block.
His daddy taught him that every puddle is his own personal water park! Henry cannot walk by a puddle without getting sopping wet.
If you ask Henry a question and the answer is "NO!" he vigorously shakes his head and waves his hands in the air. When he does this I stifle a laugh because it's so funny.
He eats everything except two of Igor's favorite foods; beets and cucumbers.
When he hears the dryer buzzer he taps his ear, grabs my shirt and pulls me into the laundry room. He also taps his ear, as if to say "hear it", when a helicopter or airplane flies over the house.
Henry loves sitting in the car. He doesn't want to go anywhere, he just wants to sit in the car. The other day we had our snack in the car which was parked in the garage. He thought it was the coolest thing ever. He was happy so I was happy. I know some day I won't want to sit in the car eating a snack but for right now I'm okay with it.
Henry still loves to spit. It's something he did in Ethiopia. We've tried to get him to stop spitting all together but sometimes he has the urge to spit. I needed a compromise so I have taught him to spit in the toilet instead of on the kitchen floor. He can go for days without the urge to spit then something happens and he is spitting in the toilet 5 or 6 times a day.

Henry continues to have tummy troubles. Yesterday we had to clean the carpet, the floor, Henry, etc... poor little guy. I am a fan of probiotics but they seem to be making his tummy worse. It makes me wonder if the giardia is back. I guess we'll know soon enough. We were able to fill and deliver the remaining stool sample kits to the lab this weekend. I hope to hear something soon!

Igor continues to adjust to having a little brother. Honestly, he wishes that he was still an only child. Heavy sigh. I am so grateful that Henry is so sweet and laid back. I'm sure he understands when Igor rejects him but Henry keeps trying to play with Igor. The other day I heard giggles coming from the other room. Igor was chasing Henry around the dining room and Henry was laughing. I peeked in, Igor looked like he was having fun! what a sweet, sweet picture! My hope is one day soon Igor will let Henry into his world.

Igor is really enjoying his art class. The other day a LL Bean catalog came in the mail. He looked at the picture and said mom that's a beautiful picture. He took the catalog to art class on Saturday. He told his teacher that he wanted to paint part of the catalog cover. She was very supportive! I think it will take a couple of weeks to finish.

The previous few weeks at art Igor has focused on drawing houses with colored pencils. I have looked back on the numerous houses Igor has drawn. All of the houses have red curtains and light (yellow) shining out. Here are two of his latest drawings:


Kev said...

Ha! Your Henry stories are so cute & funny! Oh...and I found probiotics to be unhelpful where Abel's digestion is concerned, too. I do not know why.

I love Igor's drawings. Your family is inspiring and we're going to do art lessons next school year...something extra outside of our usual art study plans, but I think it's going to be really great!


shawn and tisha said...

Henry sounds like a fun little guy. :) I sure am sorry to hear his belly is still giving him troubles.

Igor's pictures are great! He is so talented.

Saying a prayer for Henry's tummy and he and Igor's bonding. :)
With love,

jill coen said...

I love that you will sit in the car, in the garage, to eat a snack with your son. That's the kind of Mom I want to be.

Igor is one good artist! I'm always impressed with his work. And thrilled you "caught" him having fun with Henry!

ethiHOPEia said...

It is a lovely catalog picture, looks like just the harbor town I grew up in. *sigh* Igor, I can't wait to see your painting of a Maine harbor! :)

Zack, Rebecca and Caleb Caldwell said...

Poor guy....hope his belly is better soon! Oh, and Caleb shakes his head just like Henry (well, at least it sounds like he does :) It is so funny!