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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Henry and I have a routine. Each day is pretty much like the previous day unless he has a doctor's appointment or I need to grocery shop. Some days it's a little boring to do the same thing as the day before but Henry loves routine. He knows what's going to happen next and I think it helps him feel safe and secure.

Yesterday after Igor returned home from school we went to a neighbor's house to play. Igor and his friend "N" were riding their scooters. Everyone was having a great time until Igor wiped out. Igor scraped his arms and it was bleeding, otherwise he was okay. After we cleaned up Igor's wounds we went home. Igor was shaken up, his arm hurt/bleeding and he was crying. Igor really wanted to be comforted so I put both boys in my bed so we could cuddle until Rob came home from work. Since both boys are in bed I decide to read them a few books. Henry starts to cry. He cries until he is wailing. Henry gets out of bed and heads for the stairs. Now Igor is crying because I am chasing Henry and not cuddling with him. Then it hits me, Henry is crying because he thinks we skipped dinner! The routine is- play outside, come inside, eat dinner, play, read books in mom and dad's bed then get ready for bed.
I pick Henry up and say over and over, we are going to eat dinner, it's okay. Henry is still crying but no longer wailing. Thankfully Rob arrives home!! I quickly reheat leftovers and dinner is served. Henry is very happy eating his dinner- we are back in the routine.


E said...

Sounds like a lovely routine. Though I know I do sometimes get bored with our routine, my kids love it. And...they'll only be this age for so long, so we'll enjoy it while we can. ;)


shawn and tisha said...

Wesley and I have an everyday routine too. It does get boring sometimes, but he likes it. The one thing he gets very upset about, if it gets changed, is his bath time. He loves his bath! :)