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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Doctor's visit

We have been home with Henry for THREE months!! I cannot believe it! We are so grateful he is part of our family!

This morning Henry, my friend Riana and I went to the pediatrician's office for Henry's blood to be taken. They are doing an allergy panel, CBC and a few other tests to help determine why Henry's pigmentation continues to change and why his tummy still has troubles. It's so sad to watch your child cry and cry while they are trying to find a vein! While they were drawing the blood Riana had the privilege of holding Henry's legs down while I held down his arms. ugh... The good news is they were able to get the blood samples they needed so we did not have to go to the hospital! AND Riana brought a cookie with her so after the nurses were done Henry enjoyed a treat!

The bad news- I came home with these...

Yes, the specimen kits are back in our home! Nine of them need to be filled this time! ugh.... Some of the samples must be delivered to the hospital within 2 hours of being "filled". The lab is open 24 hours so we, I mean Rob, can deliver them night or day.
UPDATE- Rob took the first sample to the hospital this afternoon. They said they will be able to run all but two of the tests with the one sample. WOOO-HOOO! I only have two more vials to fill.

Here is Henry wearing his new helmet!

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shawn and tisha said...

Congratulations on reaching the three month mark!! :)

I've hated every time we've had to have Wesley's blood taken or when he's had to get a shot. It's awful! I'm glad Henry was able to have his cookie afterward. He looks so cute in his helmet! :)