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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Life seems to be moving at a frantic pace. We returned from Michigan last week. We had time to unpack, attend two swim lessons, wash the clothes and repack. This weekend we visited with Rob's parents, Rob's brother, wife and kids. Rob's brother's family lives in England and we haven't seen them in a year. They are in the US for a short visit.

Igor had so much fun with his cousins. They spent most of their time swimming. Igor loves his new goggles. He and Dean loved wearing their goggles and splashing one another. They also enjoyed diving in the pool and going down the slide.

Igor is not enjoying his swim lessons. Prior to the swim lessons he has been fearless in the water. Igor will swim to the bottom of the pool to fetch something, he can do somersaults under water, he will jump into the deep end of the pool and swim to the shallow end.... However, he swims the most unusual stroke under water. He does not like learning or practicing a proper stroke. His swim teacher is so good with him, I'm sure he'll start to enjoy it soon....

On the adoption front, we continue to wait. This time around the wait is much easier. I am trusting that our son will be revealed to us at the "perfect" time. While I would like to know who this little guy is and when we can bring him home, I also know that worrying about it will not change the anything. We continue to live life at its usual pace knowing some day soon, maybe even this month, we will meet our son via a picture.

We have a conference call with our agency tomorrow afternoon. We may learn more about the time line then. Ethiopia has been experiencing a drought which is causing power outages (85% of Ethiopia's power comes from hydro-electric plants). The drought is also causing a famine in Ethiopia resulting in the worst food shortages since 2003.

If you are interested in helping an orphan in Ethiopia, it's easy. Click on the Five or Fifty campaign. For as little as $5 a month you could feed 1 orphan for a month living in Hanna's Orphan Homes.


Jori said...

So happy to read your still positive attitude "Queen" Candy!! I am remembering you in the prayers for such right now and hoping you will bring him home before the "closing". Praying!
love ya, Jori

Carpenters said...

Staying busy is always good during the wait. I'm glad that this one has been easier for you.

I'm sorry to hear that Igor doesn't like swim lessons. I used to teach swimming to youngsters. I obviously love the water and it's good that Igor does too. I just hope he begins to enjoy the lessons. He'll be able to do even more stuff in the water with those.

With Love,