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Saturday, August 9, 2008

The car is packed and we are ready to go!

We are headed to the beach! I cannot wait to smell the salt air and hear the roar of the ocean.
Here are some pictures of our first beach vacation with Igor. Boy, he is growing up fast!


Susan said...

Too cute!

Have a great time!!! 12:10, right? ;-)

Love you! Susan

Jori said...

Enjoy!!! Have a great time ~ I love the Oregon Coast beach so I know you can enjoy beaches!!! Rest, Relax, and make some memories!!
love ya lots, Jori

April said...

Hi Candy and Rob -

I'm all caught up on your blog and it sounds like I have missed much! I hope you both and Igor have a wonderful and relaxing vacation. I think of you all often.
love, April :-)

Team Dragovich said...

I hope you are having a super great time!!! Hopefully we can see you when you get home... the market, the market???

Take care,