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Thursday, August 7, 2008


The frogs are safely back with their family. The day before their departure they almost ended up in our town's water supply. While I was cleaning their tank they made a break for it. One ended up in the sink and the other got caught in the sink drain. Lucky Rob was home so he heard my cries for help... he was able to capture the slimy creatures and return them to their tank.

Igor and I survived Kindergarten orientation. The highlight of our time was the 5 minute school bus ride!! Igor loved riding the bus.

Yesterday I went to the clinic. I have water behind my ear drum- ouch. I walked out with two prescriptions and a warning- I am not to go under water for 2 weeks. Hmmm... our beach vacation starts Sunday.

Igor's hair is now a crew cut. I couldn't live with the huge gap in his bangs.

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for 4 AWAA families. Their cases have gone before a judge 7 times. They have another court hearing tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day court is open until October 8! Please pray that the judge will rule favorably while we are asleep tonight.

We head to the beach Sunday. Rob has requested that the car be running & ready at 12:10. He plans to says the benediction, walk down the aisle and out the door!


Susan said...

Igor's hair looks cute!!! If he hates it that will be all the better so that he won't be cutting his hair again anytime soon!

Love you! Susan

Jori said...

Igor's hair is not so bad ~ are you still hiding scissors? :):) I am so happy to hear you are heading out for vacation!!! Get some much deserved R & R and create some more family memories!! Gotta love it when your husband says 12:10 ~ you be ready girl!! :):) Have a great time!!
love ya, Jori