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Monday, August 25, 2008

A week in review

Last week, Igor and I did a few special things before school started. We went to the children's museum in town. We had an awesome time. Igor was so excited, we played at every station. I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures.

We went to a local farm and fed the animals on Wednesday.

We took a road trip to the Coens! It was so nice to finally meet Jill. Ladies, Jill makes an awesome coffee cake and Silas is sooooo cute! I had to post a picture of Sophie because she has soo much personality. Thanks for having us over!

Igor and I continue to discover more wildlife in your yard. Igor wanted to "capture" this toad/frog. Luckily I was able to convince Igor that the frog should be free to roam our side yard.

On Sunday I tried to start my car but the battery was dead. The good news - we replaced the battery last year so it was still under warranty! AAA delivered and installed a new battery for free.

Today was Igor's first day of Kindergarten! Well, today and tomorrow are "get to know you days"- the children attend school 2 1/2 hours the first two days. Igor loved his first day of kindergarten. Wednesday, Igor will ride the bus AND all day kindergarten will begin. Igor was so silly this morning... this was the "best" first day of school picture.
Mr. H, the inclusion teacher assigned to Igor's kindergarten class is from Eritrea. His wife is Ethiopian and speaks Amharic! Mr. H. is so supportive of our Ethiopian adoption. We hope to get together with his family soon.
We have two pear trees in the backyard. Last year we didn't have any pears because of a late frost. This year we had pears but the squirrels have feasted on them all summer. They left us ONE pear! After school Igor ran to the backyard and picked our remaining pear. We drove over to the church to share it with dad. Next year we may have to net the trees. I would really like to have more than ONE pear next summer.

On the adoption front- our fingerprints expire in November. There is NO a chance we'll be going to Ethiopia before our fingerprints expire. Requesting a fingerprint appointment is on my short list of things to do. No word on our referral yet....


Jori said...

What a blessing!! I can not believe that you will have someone who you can contact who speaks Amharic!! You are a lucky, lucky duck!! Well ... really all know you are truely blessed!!
I keep praying for you guys ~ your day must be coming!
love ya, jori

shawn and tisha said...

I'm starting to get caught up on blogs. It sounds like you had such a fun week with Igor before he went to school. And how neat that there is an Ethiopia connection with his teacher!

It's great that you got to visit with Jill, Silas and Sophie!

I'm sorry you're having to do your fingerprints again. God must have someone very special planned for your family. Praying that he will reveal your little one at the perfect time (and soon).