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Sunday, August 3, 2008

A little bit of everything

The home warranty company has agreed to install a new A/C compressor! We are so happy with this decision. For a year we have been dealing with air conditioning issues. The HVAC company has agreed to repair the moldy ceiling. Yippee!

Igor went to a 3 day camp this week. He came home with is first black eye. Another little boy accidentally threw a rock at Igor! Yikes.... Luckily it's only a black eye.

Igor loves cars. He can identify almost every make of car. He loves to play with race cars. When we moved to the south we heard a lot about NASCAR. Rob has slowly become a fan... well, he doesn't watch the races BUT he has purchased several NASCAR toys for Igor. Igor and Rob know many drivers names and numbers. Rob reads the NASCAR standings to Igor each Monday. We took the interest in racing to a new level on Friday night. We went to a NASCAR approved stock car race (I think that's what we saw). I was a little worried as we entered the speedway, there was a sign that said, "NO WEAPONS ALLOWED" . I wondered a couple things- 1. who would bring a weapon to a race 2. why did they have to post such a sign 3. what were we getting ourselves into??? Except for the second hand cigarette smoke and the melee between two drivers/crew we were safe.

The speedway allowed fans to meet the drivers and see the cars up close. It's great for kids except Igor was afraid the cars would start racing while he was on the track so he wouldn't get too close. I won't pretend to know the class or division or the types of cars we saw because I don't know. We saw two races and part of the third race. I'm not sure why people like to watch cars go around a track at high speeds. My opinion - it's very loud and a little boring. Igor LOVED it. Okay- Igor loved when the cars crashed. Even though we all had ear plugs on I could read his lips when he asked, "Mom when is the next crash?". Does he think crashes are pre-planned to heighten the entertainment value? After we left the track we asked Igor what he liked best. He responded by saying the crashes...

Igor loves to use scissors. He loves to cut out his drawings and snip paper. The other night I walked in his room when he should have been sleeping and caught his with a pair of scissors in one hand and Big Bird on the other hand. Big Bird nearly had his all his hair/feathers cut off! Igor and I had a talk about scissors and I thought that was the end of his unauthorized scissor use. HA!

This morning Igor had the most unusual bed head. A closer look revealed Igor's hair had been cut. Igor told us his hair was too close to his eyes so he cut it last night in bed! hmmmm.... he had a hair cut two weeks ago. I looked under his bunk bed and found the previously forbidden scissors and a pile of cut up items. Even beloved Sbaka's ribbon had been snipped!

For the moms out there who have dealt with children cutting their own hair.... did you let it grow back OR did you cut it really short to match the child's cutting??


Susan said...

I think you could use clippers to just buzz off the top so that it would even out. (Try the size 6 guide.) Jeremy's hair is clipped, and his bangs are really, really short that way.

YIKES! Susan

ethiHOPEia said...

Oh dear! This JUST happened to Caleb a few weeks ago. I had a post with his hair cut picture on it...because I had to cut it all short! I am just hoping he realizes that he should never, never do it again!

Jori said...

I'm with Susan on this one ~ my 4 year old cut and we then buzzed. It grows back pretty quick but he was forbidden the scissors for awhile. :):) Must be boys - my girls never cut their hair. Who knows. Igor is getting so big!!
It is a new month ~ ....
love ya, Jori

beBOLDjen said...

Oh I don't want to remember the times they cut their hair! Rory (our middle girl) convinced Rienne (the oldest) that cutting their har would be lots more fun than cutting Barbie's hair. They used children's safety scissors (Never knew they could cut hair)and scapled the youngest who was barely 18 mos at the time. I cut everyone hair SHORT 1) because that was the best option and 2) for punishment. I told them I had to go to school and earn a license to cut hair and showed them my paper (maybe you can take Igor to a barber shop and have a barber show him their lisc.?) All scissors went under lock and key until they could be trusted.

You can cut Igor's bangs shorter and try geling them to the side for a while to hide the gap in the middle.