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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gotcha day

Tuesday was a crazy day!  I woke up at 2:45 and could not go back to sleep.   At 9:30 AM we loaded up the van with all the gifts and went to the Embassy for scedule our appointment.  Robel was told we should come back at 1:00 pm.  We headed to a market (we did not go to the post office) and we had one hour to purchase things.  We all had to barter which made things interesting.
After the market we went to lunch.  Robel and I both had upset stomachs.  I took one bite of my meal and decided I shouldn't eat anything.  (by dinner time I was feeling much better).  Then we went to the TH to pick up our children.  Of course, Henry was sleeping so I had to wake him up.  The nanny asked me if I had a bottle.  A bottle?  um no, I was told he didn't drink from a bottle.  The nanny informed me he does drink a bottle 2 times a day... UGH... so the nanny gave me a bottle and then asked if I had formula..... Formula??  I asked.  She gave me some formula and then showed me how much to mix.  Over prepared Mommy was feeling VERY under prepared.  The nanny then asked if I has a Diaper bag, diapers, wipes, clothes.  I'm sure she was very worried that I was COMPLETELY clueless.     I said- Yes, I have that (thank goodness!)  We headed to the Embassy.  Nikki came to my rescue tonight and gave me an extra bottle and a fast flow nipple!!  She also gave me a pacifire since I didn't think to bring one....
The embassy was easy,  None of us brought any electronic gear so getting through security was easy.  We were asked a few questions and then we were approved!  Robel will pick up the VISA's Wednesday morning.
After the Embassy we went back to the TH to hand out the Nanny gifts and the donations.  We stayed at the TH for a couple hours.  Henry's nanny showed me how they give him a bath and lotion him up.  He stands in the bath tub while being washed.  She dressed him (bring your own clothes) and then she said goodbye.  She loves Henry so much it was so hard to watch the tearful goodbye.  The nanny and head nurse left the TH with an infant...  We hung out for a little while longer, I watched Henry get fed his snack and then it was time to go.  The Nanny and the nurse were gone so I quickly asked another nanny about the daily schedule:
5:30 AM - wake up and washing
7:30 AM - breakfast
11:30 - Lunch
afternoon nap and then bottle
4:30 snack
7:30 dinner
8:30 go to bed with a bottle (he falls asleep in the nanny's arms)
When we left the TH Henry was crying for his mama... his nanny... clearly he wanted to stay.  He was fine a few minutes later.  He has been great ever since.  We all met for dinner on the 6th floor.  Henry has spaghetti with meat sauce.  It was all over him and the table cloth by the time we were done... I had forgotten how messy toddlers can be when eating. 
After dinner we washed him off, put him in his PJ's then gave him a bottle.  He sat in my lap drank a few sips of the bottle then feel asleep!  He fell asleep at 7:30.  He slept through the night.  It's 6:30 AM on Wednesday so I should run upstairs to see how he is doing.
All in all, yesterday was a sweet, sweet day!  We are sooo glad Henry is part of our family!
oh, if you gave me pictures to take for the nannies... they were so excited!  They were walking around showing off their pictures to one another.  It was a sweet sight.
Patty- I was able to trace the foot!   I will scan it as soon as I get home.


Apryl said...

We are so happy for you!! I'm relieved that your post wasn't, "Henry won't stop screaming..." You are an experienced mommy, but honestly, it's hard to transition with a child who is so upset. What a blessing that he calmed down and settled in with you. Praying the rest of your trip goes smoothly!
much love,

shawn and tisha said...

Yay! I'm so glad Henry is with you now and that things are going well!! :) Thank you for taking pictures to our nanny! :)

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

What a wonderful post! So happy things are going well and a bit jealous Henry sleeps through the night. hahaha
Wtih love,

E said...

Congratulations! So thankful that all is well and that you have Henry with you! Abel called his nanny mama (mom) too and I found that sort of difficult to process...good because I knew he was attached (and would one day be attached to me), but still difficult...hard to explain. And I kept getting the sense he was looking at me like, "Who is this strange, white woman who has kidnapped me?!" He definitely had a big question mark in his eyes, but now he KNOWS. :)

Praying the rest of your trip goes well and that you, Henry & Rob will make your way safely home to Igor! Glad the tummy stuff seems to be working out, too!


Karen said...

I'm glad that your gotcha day went well! It really all must be real now...!

Hoping you feel better soon and that the rest of your trip goes smoothly. Can't wait to see pictures when you get home!


Kari:) said...

Thanks for sharing all the amazing details of Gotcha Day. This has been an incredible journey for your family. God chose the perfect son for your forever family!! We can't wait to see & hear more updates!
We are praying!!!

Danielle said...

It sounds like a wonderful day! I sure hope someday I can meet you guys and Henry. This summer we're coming to South Carolina...maybe we can arrange a route through North...I'm glad your tummy was better. Don't worry about being unprepared. That's my life, as hard as I try not to be! Blessings and Happy New Year as you're about to make the trek back so your WHOLE family can be together! Love, danielle

Jori said...

Praying you home now ~ You should be in route. Be safe my friend!
love, jori