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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Travel Dates!

Our agency sent an e-mail saying our Embassy Appointment in Ethiopia has been rescheduled. Our appointment is on December 30 instead of December 31! This allows us to come home a day earlier. I called the travel agency with the update and they were able to book us on an earlier flight home. We leave December 26 and arrive home January 2. Igor is so excited that we will be home a day earlier.

Rob's parents will be here tomorrow. It will be great to have them here to help with Igor while I recuperate. I am feeling better but was up once last night so I am tired this morning.

Yesterday Rob filed our re-adoption paperwork for Igor at the courthouse. I am so grateful that the paperwork is submitted before we leave for Ethiopia. It's one more thing I can cross off on our "Things to do list"!

Thanks to all who commented on space bags. I decided to give them a try. We have 2 1/2 laundry baskets of children's clothing to donate to the Transitional home. All the clothing fit perfectly in 3 space bags! The 3 bags fit in one jumbo suitcase and it weighs 43 pounds! (50 lbs is the limit). After 5 days there are no leaks.

In case you haven't seen enough of our sweet boy Henry, here's another picture


shawn and tisha said...

Glad to hear things are working out well with travel and packing. Hope you're feeling better.

Dennis said...

Hi - was thinking about you when we were addressing our Christmas card envelopes (they are in the mail today), so I thought I'd take a look at your blog. Congratulations on Henry!!! He's a cute boy. Hope all goes well on your trip. I'll pray for a safe trip for you, Rob and Henry.

Of course my favorite post was the Nascar story. I think Igor is on to something ... that the crashes are pre-planned .... He may have been born in Russia, but he's going to be a good Southern boy.

Second favorite post was when Igor cut his own hair. I think every child does that at least once ;) I know I did.

I'll look for updates on your trip.

Merry Christmas.
Love, Den

E said...

He's so cute. I can't wait to hear all about his personality & how homecoming and transition go!!!

Love the gingerbread house. You guys are such a fun family!!!