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Monday, December 22, 2008

plane tickets- where are you???

FedEx sent an e-mail this afternoon saying our plane tickets were delivered to our front porch. We looked on the front porch, by the garage door and on the back deck, in the bushes (um, yeah, we looked there too!)- no package, no plane tickets, no nothing.
We have a neighbor who occasionally gets our mail and we hers, so I walked up to her house- no package. I have a call into FedEx to see if the package is still on the truck.

We are almost packed. I broke down and packed a forth bag because I could not re-arrange the bags to be all under 43 pounds (we want a little wiggle room for the 50lb requirement).

Today's #1 priority - go to the bank. We will need spending money while in Ethiopia. In order to get the best exchange rate we will need clean, crisp bills printed after 2004. Rob went to the bank this afternoon. Well, he went to four different bank branches because none had clean bills. Each teller said that people have been coming in all month asking for new bills to give as Christmas presents! Who knew??? The result, we don't have any new bills. Rob called a friend at the Credit Union to see if they have new bills. If they do, Rob will head to the credit union tomorrow.

It's time to make dinner- Potato corn soup- Yummy...


shawn and tisha said...

Praying you get your plane tickets and new bills today!

E said...

Good luck with the cash (that was a pain for us, but I had zero problems in Ethiopia with what I was able to scrounge up). Happy packing!!! Looking forward to following your journey!!!