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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Henry, Igor and our Insurance

Henry loves his flavored medicine! He opens his mouth as soon as I remove the bottle from the refrigerator. If your child tests positive for giardia I highly recommend going to a special pharmacy which will compound and flavor the medicine for your child. We are on day 2 1/2 of the medicine but we can see a difference. YAH!!
Last night at dinner we were talking about orphans and orphanages. I asked Igor if he wanted to paint a picture for an Orphan's Ticket Home Gala. He said, "Sure but I want to draw a picture right now." Here's Igor's picture of a mom and dad with their adopted child. According to Igor the letters next to each person is their made up name because Igor doesn't know this family. I don't know why the dad only has two teeth but I love the fact that each family member has a heart and they are all holding hands. The belly buttons made me smile.

I have talked to the insurance company more than I would like to admit. I finally spoke with a woman who really wanted to help me sort the situation out. She spoke with several departments and supervisors but we still do not have a resolution to the situation. She said they have 30 days to review the documents. So we wait....


Anonymous said...

Hey, there!! Tell Igor that the ladies who sat next to him at the dinner in Charlotte loved his artwork then and this picture is just wonderful. He has real talent and should go to an art college when he goes up!!

Kara Z

Jori said...

I just love Igor and his paintings! Such a wonderful expression.
Glad to hear Henry is doing better with the meds this time - hope it works!
love, jori