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Monday, February 2, 2009

Henry's Birthday and we've been home a month!

On Sunday we celebrated Henry's Birthday! Babushka had a cake made with Henry's picture on it

I helped Henry blow out the candles

Henry enjoyed eating the frosting more than the cake

Igor helped Henry open his presents... Igor was much more "into" the party than Henry. Henry did show off his personality!

Today marks one month since we have been home with Henry! Life is starting to settle down and we have a daily routine. Henry remains a good natured, happy little boy. We are so grateful he is part of our family. He remains a barnacle, stuck to my side most of the day, but he is playing more on the floor with his toys, especially with Igor. He also likes to get down to take all the phones off the hook (sorry for the busy signal if you try to call) or get into the pots and pans cupboard.

A HUGE PRAISE- Henry has slept through the night for the last three nights! I hope this is the turning point!! Henry's tummy is still not right. He takes his last pill for giardia tomorrow. Henry and Igor are finding a good balance in being brothers and friends, YAHHH!
Here's Igor cuddling with Henry at bedtime ... of course, Igor is making a silly face...

Henry and I went to the Social Security Administration Office to apply for his social security card this morning. There must have been 45 people in the waiting room when we arrived. I thought it was going to take hours to be called but I was wrong. We were in and out of the office in 15 minutes! We should have his card in two weeks.


Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Henry!! It looks like you all had fun! I'm so glad that you are sleeping better!

Love you! Susan

shawn and tisha said...

Happy Birthday Henry!! :)

So glad to hear that he and Igor are doing well together and that he's sleeping through the night! :)

Robert said...

So Sweet! Happy Birthday Henry!
We miss you!
Heather and Yabsira