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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tongue trouble and climbing

Igor came home the other day crying- he had bitten off a very small portion of his tongue! He couldn't sleep Tuesday night because he was in so much pain. He fell asleep at midnight. Henry woke up at 2AM and wanted to play. I love my children.

Who do you call with a tongue injury??? The pediatrician or the dentist?? I called the dentist first because they opened at 8AM and the pediatrician opened at 8:30. It turns out dentists deal with tongues. The dentist asked if I had the part of the tongue that had been bitten off. We didn't so she said there was probably very little she could do without it but offered us an appointment to make sure the area wasn't infected. The good news is - no infection and it should heal in 7-10 days. Igor has a special rinse to help the tongue heal but otherwise it has to heal on its own.

Igor likes to hide his toys. Before Henry arrived he hid special toys under his bed. Now that Henry is here Igor wanted to put his special toys out of Henry's reach so Igor put them on the top bunk. Igor knew Henry climbed the bunk bed ladder but stopped at the second rung so he assumed the toys would be safe. The other day Henry saw the special toys on the top bunk and that's all the incentive he needed to climb the ladder to the top. I've never seen Henry so determined to get some where! Igor is now searching for a new hiding place.


shawn and tisha said...

Ouch! Poor Igor. That sounds aweful! I hope his tongue heals extra quick!

Henry looks so cute up there on that ladder. :)

beBOLDjen said...

Oh I do pray Igor's tongue heals quickly. That can't be any fun!

Henry is a go-getter! How cute is that!? It made me giggle this afternoon.

Rob and Heather said...

Poor Igor! I hope he is feeling better soon!
If Igor finds a good hiding spot, let us know! Isabelle would love the tip:)

Nina said...

We bought Kevin a "playtime" bed last year. Probably not a good idea! LOL It has a "top bunk," ladder up to it, slide down from it, a fort underneath, and a "turret" on the top. Anyway, I wish I could remember exactly when this happened, but it was around Oct., so Kien was about 16 mos. He climbed up the SLIDE and got up to Kevin's bed!!! I called Karin to come see. She was shocked!! It was later before he could climb the ladder, but not much later! What a monkey! These pictures and story are adorable! :)