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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Primal Wound

In my never ending search to help Igor deal with the past I read The Primal Wound, Understanding the adopted child. I wish I could say, "This is the book with all the answers!" but I cannot. This is a book for adults who were adopted and feel wounded. If you are a parent of a hurting adopted child it's a sobering look at adoption... but one that I am not in complete agreement with. The author only interviewed "broken" adult adoptees (is that a word?) who were in need of counseling so it is not a balanced look at adoption. I spoke to an assistant professor of psychology last week about the book and she confirmed that this is not the book I should be reading to help Igor. As I read the book I felt my hope being sucked out of my body and that is not what I am looking for.

Last week I read- At Your Word Lord and I was delighted when I read this: "Children who are adopted often need special prayers and visualization.... A child who has lost his or her mother, though rejection or death, often suffers deep wounds that need to be healed, no matter how happy they are in their adopted family." I felt as though the author was speaking directly to me. I felt hope wash over me. The author offers a suggestion on how to pray for adopted children who are hurting. Many of you know our precious little boy and have being praying for him. I ask that you would join us in praying for Igor in a very specific way. Pray/ask Jesus to heal Igor's memories from conception, birth, separation from his birth mother and any perceived rejection on Igor's behalf. Ask Jesus to heal any hurts from his time in the orphanage.
Mark 9:23 (NIV) ......Everything is possible for him who believes.


Jori said...

Praying for Igor (love his latest paintings - I am ready for smiling flowers).
love, jori

Anonymous said...

That book scared the living daylights out of me...I almost did not proceed with my homestudy because I felt that no matter how good of a parent I could be I would ultimately fail my child.

We have decided that we will do the best we can and always be open and unconditionally loving and that somehow thing will work out.

E said...

I will be praying for Igor!!! I'm also going to look into this book (the second one!).


small world said...

Oh Candy, I will be praying for your precious boy. You are on the right track now. We have dealt so much with these same issues and the point is...to deal with them. If you ever want to chat or get some ideas email me!
Love, Theresa

Steve and Anna said...

I am praying with you for this for Igor!

Zack and Rebecca Caldwell said...

You are a precious woman Candy! We are praying for you all.