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Monday, February 9, 2009

Henry says what?

Henry is a BIG talker. As soon as he gets up in the morning he starts talking, singing, yelling... yes, even at 4AM when I want to wake up sloooowly, Henry is up and ready to go. Henry has so much to tell me but I do not understand a word. I wish I could video tape his chatter because he is sooo animated and funny. Every time I get out the camera Henry turns silent.

On Friday an Ethiopian exchange student, Muli, came over to play with Henry and listen to him talk. Of course, our little chatter box was silent for the first half hour, then gradually started to talk. Muli said that Henry only spoke one word in Amharic, the rest was baby talk. Henry has excellent receptive skills, he did almost everything Muli asked him to do in Amharic.

Muli explained that Henry's double shoulder shrug means "no" or "I don't want to". This makes sense because when I tell Henry not to go in the road he looks me right in the eye, he gives me the double shoulder shrug then he heads for the street. Now I know he is being defiant... hmmmm... Henry understands several phrases in English such as:

1. go get your shoes

2. go see Igor/Daddy/Mommy

3. give this to Igor/Daddy/Mommy

4. It's time to go

5. Come here

Henry's English has been limited to one word - MAMA - but in the last few days he has added Mommy, gbye (good bye), and Wow. Tonight at dinner I put a biscuit on his plate and he said, "WOOOW!" Igor thought Henry learning "wow" was very cool. I wonder what he will learn next?

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shawn and tisha said...

Our little guy is a talker too. :) It sounds like Henry is doing great!! :)