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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another tooth lost, outside time, what did you say and mulch

Tuesday night Igor lost another tooth! This is the fourth tooth Igor has lost. A bottom tooth is so wiggly it could fall out any day.
Our weather has been great! Henry and I have been spending hours outside.

We've been home since January and now Henry understands every thing I say. He has added the following to his vocabulary:
EEEE is Igor
Buu is School Bus
uch at tha is Look at that
oooh is shoe
mmm is yes
aldone is all done

Saturday morning Igor was VERY excited. We had a dump truck full of mulch delivered. Igor shoveled out the mulch from the back of the dump truck, he played in the mulch and helped spread it! He was a great helper. Once Henry was up from his nap he "helped" too!
Rob is home today so we'll try to finish spreading the mulch this afternoon

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beBOLDjen said...

The boys are cute as ever!