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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Tooth Fairy, Spring & Chalk

Instead of going to art class Igor and I met the tooth fairy.
Igor has often wondered about the tooth fairy- how big is she? is she a she? does she have wings? How does she sneak into the house without anyone noticing?

Our local college had a dental health awareness event for children so Igor and I went. Igor was very nervous when he saw the tooth fairy. After decorating a huge tooth and making a wand he decided the tooth fairy was approachable. I was able to snap a quick picture. Did you know that the tooth fairy has a magic tooth brush instead of a magic wand?

Normally, I'm always with Henry so it was this was a special mommy and Igor time.
We've had some very mild weather lately. My flowers are in bloom! Spring should be in the south soon. Except they are predicting snow again? We'll see....

It's been so warm Igor has taken his drawing outside. In the spring we go through boxes and boxes of chalk.

Has anyone made made chalk? I'd love to know how hard it is to make and what your children think of the home made chalk. Are you able to make bright vibrant colors? We love Melissa & Doug Chalk because the colors are so bright but it's expensive.

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