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Friday, March 27, 2009

Another tooth lost, Henry's hair cut and doctor visit

It's been a busy week. We had our 3 month post placement visit with out social worker! I started our re-adoption paperwork for Henry. Igor lost his 5th tooth on Tuesday at school! Henry had his hair cut on Wednesday. This time he only cried the first half of the hair cut. I think Henry will be more comfortable and I will have barber shop protocol down by the next visit. Henry's hair is sooo straight. Someone asked if Henry was from Iraq!

We have great news- Henry has moved from the 33rd percentile in weight to the 42nd percentile in weight! The doctors are very pleased with his weight gain. This is amazing since Henry still has major tummy issues. He has been treated for worms and giardia multiple times. We did three giardia tests this month and they all came back negative. We are going to start probiotics again. The doctor wants Henry to take them for 30 days straight to see if it will help. We've had Henry on and off probiotics since January.

Henry will have allergy testing completed next week to determine if he has any food allergies. His tummy troubles and his skin pigmentation issues could be food related. The doctor will call the infectious disease specialist at the hospital to see what he recommends. She wants next steps in case Henry doesn't have food allergies.

I need to post Igor's recent drawings from art school. He has been drawing houses with colored pencils.

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