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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Waiting for a clear word

When we went to Ethiopia something began to stir inside me. The smells, the people, the poverty, the children, the love and kindness settled deep in my soul. Coming home with a 23 month old and going through a serious adjustment period with Igor didn't allow me to think about Ethiopia or what I had seen.

Over the last few weeks I have been prompted to think about Ethiopia and Africa. I cannot help it, it is everywhere I turn. I turned on NPR one day to hear them talking about fistula which is most common in Africa. My husband gets a call from a friend saying they are starting an orphanage in the Sudan. I read a missionary's blog (who runs an orphanage) begging Christians to wake up and care about the estimated 143 million orphans in the world. I hear the song, "Orphans of God" and I wonder if there are no orphans of God WHY are there so many children that need families and homes?? I could go on but you can see what's going on inside of me. I am burdened but I do not know what to do with that burden yet....

Rob suggested (out of the blue) two weeks ago that we take a mission trip to Sudan. I said, "Are you crazy? They kicked out Aid workers, I don't think George Clooney would go to the Sudan right now. What about our boys? It's too dangerous. We cannot go." So, I went online and saw that George Clooney is in Chad. Hmmm.... What if we are suppose to go back to Africa? What if we are suppose to go to the Sudan? I need to open my heart to the possibilities...

I think about Igor and what his life would be like if he hadn't become part of our family.
In Russia, those who are not adopted leave the orphanage between the ages of 15 and 18:
  • 50% of the girls become prostitutes
  • 40% of the children become addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • 40% percent commit crimes
  • 10% percent commit suicide
I look at my beautiful boy and think- How many more Igor's are out there? How can we help? What does God want to do with us, our lives? Surely if I have this stirring in my heart He has a plan.
For now, I wait for his word.


LexiMaxi said...

I have been following your blog for a long time but this is my first time posting. I was praying so hard for your court date and thank God everything worked out. Being an Ethiopian myself I can understand when you wonder what you could do to make a difference. My Dad tells me "you can't save everybody" but I think saving even one life is saving a whole generation.
Anyways I wanted to give an idea... maybe you could think of sponsoring a child or a village through organizations like SOS- Children village. That's what I'm doing until I finish college and go back to help and answer God's calling

The Gillman Family said...


I think these adoptions are only the beginning for so many of us. Just as God is promting you to think about a mission trip so will he give you the answer on what to do next. It's exciting to see you seeking God and being willing to consider all He might have for you!!