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Thursday, December 3, 2009


so many places to start, so many thoughts....
Tuesday we went to a drop off center and met some beautiful children.  We handed out bags of goodies and then played with the kids.  It was a sweet time.
That night at dinner I was so sick that our driver had to take me back to the guest house.  Heather came with me.  She took care of me in my worst moments.  She had the team pray for me and in the morning I was so much better! Praise God.
It's a good thing I was feeling better because we left early Wednesday morning for Kombolicha.  We were told that it would take 6 hours...um... it took 11 hours!  I cannot describe the trip in words.. think pot holes the size of VW bugs... (NOT KIDDING).unpaved roads for miles... so bumpy your head it the ceiling of the van, we drove through a "dry" river bank filled with water because the main road was closed.  fog so thick you could not see 10 feet in front of you... did I mention we were on a side of a mountain without guard rails... good times!  seriously, we had a great time in the car despite all the hazards. 
I would do it again tomorrow.  the children we met were amazing!  Some are orphans due to AIDS.  Many are living with a relative but only have a school uniform and a roof over their head.  They rarely receive food, care, or encouragement.  The relatives they live with have so little that taking in an orphan is a hardship.. they can only provide a roof for the child.  so heart breaking...
What do you do with that? How do you play with children and then walk away?  How do you save these children?  Children who just kissed my hand, kissed my face, held my hand.... these children want is a chance in life...
I cannot do it by myself... so I sit here and pray.. What am I suppose to do?  I want to do the things that I am called to do not the things I think I can do.  I need to listen for the quiet whisper... but yet my days here are filled with noise, needs, children, heartbreak and longing... perhaps that is the quiet whisper I need to hear now..
The good news- the children we met today have Jesus in their heart... something far greater than worldly possessions.  We were able to provide food for the children for many days to come...  today, that's what I hang on to..


That Fresh Feeling said...

Thanks for the update. my heart aches but also rejoices....

etopia said...

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beBOLDjen said...

Candy, I'm glad the Lord has given you this opportunity. I love seeing you in the photos w/ the children!

I pray with you as you listen to
the "whispers" and figure out where they are leading you. It's so hard just to be still when there is so much emotion bouncing around inside.