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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Monday in Ethiopia

On Monday we headed out of Addis to Kind Heart. Here we meet 56 pre-kindergarten children who are considered "extremely vulnerable". These children's parents are day laborers. They are very poor and may only eat a few days a week. They are fed lunch ONLY on Wednesdays. We arrived on Monday- not a lunch day. The children were hungry, again we saw children eating grass. We just could not bear the thought of playing actively with them when they were so weak from hunger. As we spoke to the director, he explained their number one need is FOOD!

At this point we made the decision to go into town to buy some food for the children. Buying food in Ethiopia is slightly different than buying it in the USA.

We had to find a store that sold rice. Once we found the place they had to carry to rice out of the store to the industrial scale where it was weighed and poured into sacks. We bought 17 kilos of rice and 3 gallons of cooking oil at this store.

Then we had to find a produce store for onions, oranges and bananas.

The children would eat lunch on Monday.
One of our team members is actively looking for sponsors for this location.
If you donated money towards the Ethiopia trip, part of it went to buying food for this location.
After visiting Kind Heart we headed back to Addis for lunch. Then we went to the AWAA transition home. I was able to love on several families children!
We also stopped to see the street kids play soccer!

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