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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gotcha day

One year ago we went to the transitional home to pick up Henry. We knew it might be a traumatic day for Henry. He loved his nanny and she loved him.
December 30 was another big change for a little boy who just turned 23 months old.
When we picked him up and carried him to the van he cried out for his "mama". I knew he was calling for his nanny. With crocodile tears in his eyes we left the transition home ready to become Henry's parents.
Little did I know that this little boy who loved his nanny and cried out for her would quickly attach to me. In the early days I called Henry "Barnacle" as he was attached to my hip. He demanded that I carry him everywhere. At bedtime he wanted to go to sleep laying on my chest.
Today, Henry is a little boy who runs to his mom and dad for safety but most of the time he is out exploring his world.
We are on vacation this week so Henry is sleeping in an unfamiliar bed. Each night I lay down with him at bedtime. After we say our prayers Henry reaches out for my hand and holds it in his. For me, there isn't anything sweeter in the world than holding hands with my son.
Thank you God for Henry.

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Alli said...

What a sweet story! I have really enjoyed reading about your family as we are working on our Ethiopian adopting also.