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Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday, Dec 5 in Ethiopia

It was another early wake up in Ethiopia. Saturday is a day of shopping, people all over Addis go to the market place. In order to beat the traffic we left very early. We drove on perfectly paved roads for 2 hours... ah pure joy. We went to a Woliso which we later learned was 99% Muslim.

You could feel the spiritual darkness as we entered the area. I could not shake the feeling.

We visited Woliso Emanuel orphanage. There we met Job, a pastor, church planter and orphanage director. This orphanage houses 43 children (ages 5 - 15) and three babies. They had no formula for the babies when we arrived, they were using cow's milk with a little water and teff added. The children at the orphanage walk 5 kilometers to school each way. The orphanage does not have on going funding, they receive occasional gifts from visitors and that's it. They trust that funds will be donated to help feed and clothe the children, not to mention paying the staff.

On the grounds they have converted a dung barn into a church. There we were privileged to hear some of the children sing songs of praise.
The team gave $900 to the Hopechest Africa Director to purchase food and formula for this orphanage. If you donated money, please know that a portion of your funds went to this location.

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