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Thursday, December 3, 2009

From Ethiopia

This Candy's husband Rob posting on her behalf while she is in Ethiopia. Here are some of her Facebook messages to me.

I was very sick last night (Early Wednesday, 12-2-09 ), I am feeling better this morning but we have a 6 hour trip ahead of us early today. Please pray I stay well. I am preparing my heart for what we will see. Yesterday we went to an orphanage and drop off center in Addis. I was an incredible experience. The kids were so full of life. I met a little boy named Hailemariam. He reminded me of Henry, sniff snif.

(Posted Thursday, 12-3-09) Thanks for praying- I was healed!! Seriously, I have never gotten over a sickness this fast... you all rock.
I cannot tell you how beautiful and heartbreaking the last few days have been.

(Posted Thursday, 12-3-09) I cannot explain what has happened in the last few days in a few words. I was healed from sickness! I survived an 11 hour trip to a church NE of Addis. The children were so beautiful and loving. They would kiss the palm of my hand, my cheecks, they wanted to be so close. They have nothing but Jesus in their hearts. Many are not fed for days .... How do you leave children in that state?? Heart breaking to say the least. If you donated money I gave some of it to the center there so they could feed the children. Not able to blog- check out Tom Davis' blog daily.

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