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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Conference Call, Easter Eggs, and Caramel Corn

The conference call with our agency was very informative. Our agency hopes to have relationships with two more orphanages by the end of the month! We learned that our wait may be longer than we thought. I have an e-mail into our Family Coordinator in order to learn more.

I received a huge order for caramel corn last week. I made 5 gallons of caramel corn over the weekend. I should have taken a picture. Imagine 80 cups of popcorn, it's a lot of caramel corn.

Saturday we dyed Easter Eggs. Nana sent Igor a gourmet Easter Egg kit. I have never seen anything quite like it. It includes markers, ribbons, appliques... this is not the PAAS Easter Egg kit I grew up with! In order to use all of the cool stuff in the kit we will be making Easter Eggs again this week and next. Do you think Igor understands that he will be eating boiled eggs everyday for lunch over the next few weeks??


Team Dragovich said...

Candy, I'm so glad you all had a successful conference call-- honestly, I was on pins and needles to hear all the news, too :) It will be so wonderful to have a support group... it feels so far away, but I know God's will, will be done and soon we'll all be together celebrating!

shawn and tisha said...

The Easter eggs sound like fun! I'm glad to hear your caramel corn is doing so well! :)

shawn and tisha said...

I hated to hear that the wait for toddlers may be longer. I expected the toddler wait times to be shorter than those for an infant. Hopefully you'll find out more from Duni. :)