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Monday, March 3, 2008

Fire station, tornado drills and shots- ouch!

Today was a busy day! I made a huge batch of caramel corn. If you ordered caramel corn over the weekend, it will be mailed tomorrow.

After nursery school, Igor asked if we could drive by the fire station. The garage door was open when we drove by so we saw the pumper truck. Igor asked if we could go in. We had a few minutes before speech so I said sure. Before we went inside Igor asked if the fire alarm was going to go off while we were there. (He still remembers to the fire alarm going off during speech in January.) I told him that I did not think so. The fire fighters walked Igor around and gave him a new hat. I was so proud of him for going into the station. Since the fire alarm, he has been too scared to go inside the fire station.

When we arrived at speech, Igor's teacher informed me that some time this week the tornado siren is going to sound so the children can practice hiding under their desk. I decided not to inform Igor of this event. It could happen any day this week; we go to speech twice a week so what are the chances it will go off while we are there?

After speech Rob and I went to get our Hep B & Meningitis vaccines. Igor wanted to go with us. Igor told the nurse he did not need any shots for Africa because he was going to stay at Babushka's house. Then he asked dad if he was going to cry. I almost cried when I was presented with the bill! OUCH! Our insurance does not cover the vaccines.
The nurse was very gentle but my arm is very sore. It probably hurts because we went to the church and helped clear away some trees that had been cut down. Rob and I have follow up appointments at the end of the month to get a second round of shots.

Our Agency has hired another Family Coordinator! She starts next Monday. This is great news for the Ethiopia program.

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