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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hospital visits and more

Igor has a surrogate Grandmother, here in town. Her name is Estamae. She is in her 80's and loves, loves, loves our son. Igor is pretty fond of Estamae, so they get a long quite well. Estamae fell on Tuesday night and was taken to the ER and then admitted to the hospital. When I told Igor that Estamae was in the hospital and his dad planning to visit her he said, "I want to call dad and go with him to pray." I made the call. Igor explained why he was calling and Rob agreed to take him along.

I wondered, would anyone at the hospital stop Igor from going into Estamae's room? He is is only 5 years old. Nope, they walked right through the hospital and in to her room. (Maybe it helped that Rob has a hospital badge??) Estamae was upset that Igor was seeing her "banged up" but she also was happy to see him. They visited a bit and then father and son prayed. What a sweet, sweet moment.

"Tomato" update- we missed the tornado drill at school! Tomorrow we could be under another tornado watch... Based on the weather man's assessment of the situation in the morning, Igor and I may have another discussion about tornado's and our emergency plan.

Random topic- Did you know that some baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, etc can harm your baby/children? There are certain types of plastic items you want to stay away from. My favorite blog with research on BPA free products is http://zrecs.blogspot.com/ . Check out their new BPA Wallet Card. The card is easy to carry around and reference when you are shopping!

Adoption reminder- Tomorrow we have the conference call with our agency. I am very excited. I hope to hear good news. I'll keep you posted.


Susan said...

Igor is such a sweetie! What an encouragement as a parent to see your child have a heart for ministering to others!!

Love, Susan

Reno said...

I will be praying for protection for your family...


Reno said...

I will be praying for protection for your family...


shawn and tisha said...

Igor sounds like such a great kid! :)