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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter, referrals & tooth #13 & 14

We had a lovely Easter. After church we went to Rob's aunt's house for dinner. She made mac and cheese for me! It's easy to chew. Igor had his final egg hunt with his cousins. It's funny because he doesn't like candy but he loves to look for eggs!

Playing with Great MeMe (Rob's grandmother)

The "great pain" finally reached a manageable level on Saturday night after a second antibiotic was prescribed. Today, I was able to weasel my way in to see the Endodontist. (I had an appointment for April 1 but I couldn't wait!) The endodontist prescribed a third antibiotic (stronger) to help save the bone above my tooth. He said 14 and tooth 13 are in cahoots. The endodonist checked 4 molars and he says it's 13 that's causing the infection 14 is causing other trouble! He recommended having a second apico on 13. There is a 50% chance that the apicoectomy would be successful. ugh, 50%?? I want more than 50% chance... Other options are- pull the tooth and get a bridge or pull the tooth and get an implant. None of the options are great or pain free.

My mother and husband think I should have the troubled tooth pulled and move on. I have thought about it.... There is something about having a tooth pulled that is, well, just plain scary to me. Picture drills, pliers, a whiskey bottle, you know, you've seen tooth extraction in cartoons and in old westerns. SCARY!!! Have you had a tooth pulled (other than wisdom teeth)? If you have, please tell me, was it as scary as I think it is?? It's okay to say "YES"! I need to hear the truth.

Yes, for those of you who clicked on the apicoectomy link, I know that an apicoectomy isn't a walk in the park but I've had an apicoectomy so it's "known" to me. There is a 50% chance of it being successful. I have to make a decision quickly or risk bone loss above the tooth. I have another dentist appointment tomorrow. I hope to make a decision in the next few days. I have scheduled the apicoectomy for April 2 in order the "save the date" .

Right now I need to check out some blogs! My friend and adoption pal Susan called to say 3 referrals were issued today! Yippee!! I cannot wait to read more. Details to follow.


ethiHOPEia said...

Hi Candy!
I had a tooth pulled and it wasn't bad at all. I promise! :)
I know it sounds scary, but if the pain is gone forever it is so worth it.
Keep looking up.

Paul & Holly West said...


I have had 4 teeth pulled. I can honestly say that each time I have prepared myself for the worst and have been pleasantly surprised. 2 times is was for very infected, "dead" teeth and it was actually a relief to have the infected teeth out.

I know tooth pain is NO fun and costly. Since we started Ethiopia, my husband has had to have 6 fillings, 1 root canal and one crown...this is all without any dental insurance. PTL for a Christian dentist who gives discounts to pastors and accepts monthly payments! :-)

Praying for you.
Holly West

shawn and tisha said...

The tooth pain sounds horrible! I haven't had any teeth pulled except one wisdom tooth, so I guess I can't give much advice. I hope you feel better and get it all taken care of soon!

InGod'sHands said...

I had all of my wisdom teeth cut out. Is that an option? They gave me something to knock me out while they did it. I just took pain pills everytime I could and slept as much as possible. It wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't horrible either. I'll be praying for you!

Rebecca K.