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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A game of tag

Well, I have been "tagged" my by adoption gal-pals Susan and Jill. Yes, that's right, I was tagged, it's like the children's game... but they did it via my blog. So the rules are - I am to tag 5 people and I can't tag Susan or Jill. I am to tag my friends by leaving them a comment on their blog letting them know I tagged them and why. Also, I'm to direct them to my blog for instructions. I'm to notify the tagger (Jill and Susan) when I post my list so that they can enjoy reading the responses.

Here are 10 things about me:
1. I love watching the TV show LOST with my husband
2. I don't allow Igor to watch TV because I don't want him too be exposed to it yet... cruel, I know
3. I love waking up without an alarm clock
4. I was born in Nebraska
5. I miss my Freddie Mac friends (sniff, sniff)
6. I do not have any first cousins
7. I would love to go back to Japan
8. Yikes, coming up with 10 things is hard.... I love saying "yikes" and it cracks me up when Igor says it.
9. My in-laws got us hooked on the game Quiddler
10. I'm not sure who to tag....

Well, this tagging business is work! I must ponder who to tag....


shawn and tisha said...

Wow, you've been to Japan!? I bet that was really neat. I liked learning 10 things about you.

I know what you mean about tagging other people, so I just decided not to. :)

Team Dragovich said...

Okay, should I know what Freddie Mac is? I think that is a dumb question and I just don't know it :D
Love, Shari

Susan said...

Thanks for playing! I first thought of Toby Mac -you know the music artist and thought you had some connections! :-)

Talk to you soon! Susan