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Friday, March 21, 2008

Egg Hunt, 14, Spring's birthday and Maundy Thrusday

Our church's Easter Eggstravaganza was last Saturday. There were lots of fun things to do including a Egg Hunt. Igor loves to hunt for eggs. We invited our neighbors and children from Igor's nursery school. The children and parents had a wonderful time.

Creating an Easter bonnet. Dad is a great sport for wearing the bonnet!

Hunting for Eggs

14's Last Harrah

14 must know that the time is up; 14 is doing all he can to make me miserable. I called the pharmacist this morning because I had another sleepless night and I still feel "great pain". The pharmacist said I must be on the antibiotic for at least 72 hours before I begin to feel relief. He said an abscessed tooth is the hardest infection to treat. 14 should be calming down tomorrow. Today will be another day of protein shakes for me. Please pray that the antibiotic will work quickly and I will feel sweet relief.

Spring's Birthday

At Nursery school we said good-bye to winter and hello to spring. The children sang songs welcoming in spring time. (my camera batteries were dead so I don't have any pictures of the program!) The children made a carrot cake from scratch. It smelled sooo good but I didn't/couldn't have a bite. Igor happily ate cake for both of us!

For several weeks each child has been very busy at nursery school. The children painted heavy paper which was cut, folded and glued into a basket. Eggs were blown and dyed; then soil and seeds were added. Each child made a bunny from sheep's wool. They are so cute! A baby chick and flower seeds were added to finish the basket.

Our Maundy Thursday service was the Passover Seder. A Messianic Jewish Pastor from Israel shared the Passover Seder tradition and the last supper. You may learn more about The Chosen People Ministries or the Passover by checking out their website.


Renee' said...


We loved Japan. My oldest daughter Katie went to Japanese elementary school so she is practically fluent and has no accent... lucky bum! :-) My Japanese is passable, but I am probably losing a lot of it the longer we are home. :-(

I can't wait to join the yahoo group! I am waiting for our AWAA agreements to arrive in the mail so that I can return them. Then I can join!

Mata ne!

Susan said...

We would love to go to a seder! Does your church do that every year?

Hope your mouth feels better really soon! Poor, baby! :-(

Happy Easter! Love, Susan

shawn and tisha said...

I said a prayer for your antibiotic to kick in quickly. I hope you feel better soon.

Carpenters said...

Rob looks so great in his Easter bonnet! Happy Easter!

With Love,

Anonymous said...
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