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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ballgame, Shots, PJ's and BOC's care package

Sunday night we went to a baseball game. We had a great time until it started to rain, well, maybe pour is a better description. Igor demanded to go home because he was very scared. We enjoyed the first 4 innings!

This morning Igor woke up, dressed himself then ran downstairs to show us. He was so proud. We were very proud too, his outfit matched. Really he did a great job... he did put on a pair of pajamas. I asked Igor if he planned to wear his brand new McQueen PJ's to VBS. He said he was. hmmmmm.... I asked him to put on shorts, he could wear his PJ shirt to VBS. Life is good when you may wear your PJ's during the day.

This afternoon Igor went to the doctor for his yearly check up. The first thing he told the doctor, "I'm not going to get my brother so I'm not getting any shots!". The doctor and I had to hide our giggles. Igor did get his Hep A shot and he was bitter. I don't blame him. I don't like shots either. After the appointment he called Nana and Daddy to tell them he got a "horrible shot". He makes me laugh.

We sent BOC's care package to the Raymers today. We were planning on sending the teddy bear we have been sleeping with but it would not fit in the gallon Ziploc bag... we went with plan "B" a little bear that Igor has in his room. We also sent a photo book, crayons, coloring book pages and a toy police car. A big thanks to the Raymers for taking our son's care package to Ethiopia!


The Raymers. said...

Oh Candy- we can take the bigger bear. You could just put him in another bag so he still smells like you guys when he gets there. We are talking about eating lunch at the Ethiopian restaurant in Raleigh the day we fly out if you would to bring him to us. Let me know.

Jori said...

Getting realler! Very cool that you get to send a package!
Love ya, Jori

E said...

They do sell 2 gallon sized bags...they're huge! They have few uses, but this might be one. :) Though, I do have to wonder how much exposure the kids get to the things their families send them. One of the things we sent was hanging on a nail in the main room...not easy access for a baby. I wish I would have taken a picture of it because it was really quite funny! I'm thinking the idea was to keep it out of the hands of the older kids. :) I know another family lost a special item they sent for their little one, too. However, I a teddy bear is more likely to stick with BOC (as opposed to something like a blanket). :)

Your Igor PJs to VBS story reminded me of last week here. Eben worse his PJs to VBS a couple of days. Most of his summer PJs are just cotton shorts & t-shirts, so they don't strictly look like PJs...still...Eben loves wearing his PJs. Like you said, life is good when you can where your PJs like that. I figure there's only a very small window when this is acceptable, so why not!

Praying you'll receive your court date soon!