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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Slowly Roasted

I feel as though we are being slowly roasted. Today's temp was 98 degrees. It is suppose to be 100 on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday ! It wouldn't be so bad except the air conditioner on the second level (bedroom level) is broken. It's 85 degrees upstairs and 81 degrees downstairs. I have an ice pack on my neck to help cool me off. I LOVE hot weather but this is too much too soon.

The A/C repair man will be here on Tuesday! I am tempted to buy a window unit... I won't buy one because it's against the HOA rules AND we are still saving for our adoption. Another adoptive mom reported today that round trip tickets to Ethiopia are approximately $2,200 each- ACK! Oil prices are driving the price increase. At this rate, I may need to get a part time job. Anyone hiring out there?

We did not have our conference call with our agency today because of a power outage. It has been rescheduled for next Tuesday.

Tomorrow after nursery school Igor and I will head to the pool in an effort to stay cool.


Jori said...

"Stalking" you for the great news! It has been so cool here that we are only in the upper 60 to low 70; so not usual here. Enjoy the pool!
love ya, Jori

Jill Coen said...

I can't wait to get slow roasted! Sounds like a wonderful experience. ;) (insert sarcasm and a big smile...)

My mom told me that the heat in TX was going to bring us to our knees! I'm just looking forward to a big, fat AC!

E said...

Wow! I'm hoping and praying you guys will somehow get some better fares than those! Yikes!

It's so fun to read about Igor with his cousins. Eben adores his cousins and wishes that we lived near them.

Have fun cooling off at the pool - one of our very favorite summer pastimes, also!