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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Celebrating Igor's Birthday early

Nursery school ends tomorrow! Since Igor's birthday is after school closes Ms. Joya suggested celebrating it early.

Birthdays are a big production at nursery school. The birthday child gets to sit in a chair covered in their favorite color. Igor picked pink! He also picked out red for me and blue for Rob. Igor sat in the chair of honor. The children sang songs to honor our little boy. Candles were lit to acknowledge Igor's current age.

Each child presented Igor with a flower. Ms. Joya told a wonderful, magical story of how Igor lived in Russia and was united with us at age 3. She went on to share some highlights of his life since we have become a family. Then one by one each child walked up to Igor providing him with a birthday wish. It was so sweet to hear what each child said. Some of them whispered in Igor's ear, "I love you, Happy Birthday". It was the sweetest birthday celebration I have ever attended.
Igor received a present... jewels... they are small polished stones.... they are a treasured gift.


Jill Coen said...

Can I schedule my birthday at the nursery school? Sounds wonderful and so special!!

shawn and tisha said...

That sounds like such a beautiful way to celebrate a birthday. Igor's nursery school teacher sounds awesome!
Happy (early) Birthday, Igor!! :)

E said...

What a beautiful and special celebration! Hee, hee - I agree with Jill...can I have my birthday there? Such a meaningful celebration. I'm forever thinking Igor's nursery school is a wonderful place!

Happy Birthday to Igor!!!