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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tree cutting, bunnies, birthday, & first fruits

Last year's drought did a number on several bushes and trees. I finally asked Rob to chop down our cherry tree since there wasn't any hope of it coming back to life. I hated to have it cut down but it was dead, really dead. Rob cut it down with an ax. Our next door neighbor came over with his chain saw and cut it up into pieces.

While Rob and I were hauling the tree to the curb Igor thought he saw a toad in the bushes. Nope, it was a baby bunny! Igor chased the bunny and cornered it in the cinder blocks under the rain barrel. Igor asked for some cucumber to feed his "new" bunny. Igor decided to build a door out of sticks for the bunny's new home. The bunny made a break for it when Igor tried to pet him.

We haven't seen this little bunny since his great escape.

Igor's birthday party was wonderful. The kids had a great time and the weather was perfect. Nana sent Igor some race car candles and sugar cars and flags for the cake. Ms. Joya's candle was placed on the cake.

This morning before church I picked our first blackberries! I planted three vines last spring so this is our first harvest. Since the deers, bunnies and mockingbirds have eaten almost all of our garden Rob and I placed netting around the blackberries to protect them. The netting is working!

The majority of blackberries should be ripe at the same time. I should have enough blackberries to can some preserves....yummy!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Igor!!!

Love, Miss Susan

shawn and tisha said...

Glad to hear Igor's party went so well! The cake looks goood.

Yay, for your first harvest!! We just recently had our first harvest too (I posted it on our family blog). It's sad that the animals ate most of your garden but, I'm glad they didn't get to your blackberries. :)

Jori said...

Hello friend! I have just been running with life lately and feel so behind.
First off, we lost a pussy-willow tree this year and it hurts to have to cut them down. I put alot into growing our yard. (Hmmm, maybe to much?!)
I love little bunnies and what a great time for Igor to be able to play with one for while (even though there never is just 1 and that leads to the garden ....)
Glad you are getting something out of your labor! Fresh fruits are my all time fav!!!
Praying for court dates and the Lords timing with ya!
love ya, Jori