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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BOC Video, Mulch, and a PJ trend

We received a video of BOC in the mail! Apryl and her hubby went to ET in April to pick up their kiddos and she shot some video of our little boy! So we have all sorts of video and pictures of our little guy. We have our referral pictures and more recent pictures from Jill and Holly. The next travel group is going to ET soon! We should have another batch of videos and pictures when they return.

We still do not have a name for BOC.

I think I started a dangerous PJ trend. Yesterday Igor got "dressed" in PJ's. Igor said he was going to VBS in his new race car PJ's. We made the same compromise as before- he can wear the top but must wear shorts.

This morning Igor took a bath and I laid out his clothes (no PJ's today). I mention the bath because our little boy wrote "IGOR" on his feet, legs and hands while he was suppose to be sleeping! He sneaked a red ball point pen into bed. It was hard to be angry, he was soooo proud of his penmanship.

This week Igor and I have been busy spreading mulch. I found bags of mulch on clearance for 99 cents at the grocery store of all places. I love a bargain and we put off mulching this spring. I bought every bag they had- 27 bags! This did require two trips as my car can only carry 17 bags at a time.

I loaded the mulch in Igor's wagon and he delivered it to the backyard. Igor cut open the mulch and dumped it out while I raked it into place. Igor was a great helper! Igor and I got a workout and the backyard looks great.

We should receive an update on BOC tomorrow from ET!


Jori said...

Hmmm, I would like my PJ's somedays too! So glad to hear you are staying busy (27 bags is busy) and just what are growing?? :):)Hope you get an update!
love ya, Jori

Jori said...
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The Raymers. said...

I just wanted to let you know we got your care package! Can't wait to share it with your little one. By the way, what does BOC stand for?

shawn and tisha said...

Wow, that's a great deal on mulch!

E said...

Yay for PJs! (I'm not helping, am I?) Oh, and Eben was at Power Lab VBS! He really liked it...and came home talking about Fizz and Electra and the others. :)

So glad you guys have video & photos - very exciting stuff! Can't wait to hear THE name.

Eben and I just did some yard work this evening. I also found some bargains that led to this work! We weren't going to do the flowers and everything we usually do this year, but when I found everything 50% off, I went for it. I'm so glad I did! It was work, but my heart felt so happy seeing the flowers and I know we'll enjoy them for the rest of the summer and into the fall (which will be until around October, I think). I was also impressed by how much my little helper actually helped! It's wonderful when that transition takes place. For us it started in big ways last summer, but I can't believe how much Eben has grown and matured in a year. It's such a joy to work together doing something fun.

Have a great week!