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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our last day at nursery school

Today was magical, fun and bitter sweet. It was the last day of nursery school. All the children went on a hike to a small river bed this morning. They had so much fun playing in the water and discovering new and exciting things.
After the hike they returned to the nursery school. Ms. Joya called all the children inside to prepare for the end of year play, "Billy Goats Gruff" (a modified version). Igor and Ethan were the trolls. It was so sweet. We ate lunch and then Ms. Joya told the sweetest story about children who came to nursery school in the fall but by summer were ready to go on to school. She teared up as she shared how much she loves our children and will miss them. All the mom's with a 5 year olds were weepy.

Ms. Joya presented all the graduating 5 year olds with a beautiful glass heart.

The 5 year olds were to put on a puppet show but in the end, there were too many emotions..... Ms. Joya had us gather around the puppet table so we could enjoy the children's handy work. The older children made their own needle case and puppet.

Goodbye Ms. Joya. We love you. Thank you for loving our son. Someday, BOC will be part of your nursery school. We cannot wait!


Katie R. said...

Candy, update!!! :) heehee! I'm so excited!

shawn and tisha said...

It sounds like a great last day. Can't wait for you next post! :)