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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Great news!! Susan and William received a referral today. Check out their blog for all the details!

Igor and I had an interesting day. Today was the last day of speech. The speech teacher called this morning while Igor was in nursery school to ask if we could come in early. The school was planning to have a fire drill at 2:00, just when Igor's speech ends. Really, what are the odds that our last day of speech would include a fire drill? Heavy Sigh. Igor wore headphones during speech in case the fire alarm went off early. I had to laugh at the entire situation.
Thankfully we are done with fire alarms until August!

At nursery school all the 5 year olds are making puppets for the end of school program. They are sewing the puppets clothing! I cannot wait to post a picture. Last week Igor sewed his own needle pouch to hold his pins and needles. I am amazed at all the cool things Igor is taught at nursery school.

Sally the bunny and her mom (or dad?) have eaten almost our entire garden. I am thinking about getting a cat...


Team Dragovich said...

I have a dog and a cat and am convinced that is why the animals have stayed away. We regularly see the deer walk RIGHT past our garden, without even a pause or longing glance :D!! I'm so sorry that your garden didn't survive the critters :(... that is no fun after all the work and hope for yummy vegetables!!
Very exciting for William and Susan's family!! :)

shawn and tisha said...

Glad you guys made it through speech today without the fire alarm going off. It's so neat that they are teaching the kids to sew in nursery school! I can't wait to see what Igor makes!

I'm so sorry to hear about your garden. :(
We put some of Sweetie's hair around the border of ours and it has seemed to help. (Sounds kinda weird and gross, but it works.) If I see the rabbits in our yard I chase them away, but so far they haven't messed with the garden.
I think a cat would be a good idea. :)

David Sanders said...

Rabbit Must Die