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Friday, January 9, 2009

Adjusting to life

We are adjusting to being a family of four. I have given Henry the nick-name of "barnacle" because he rarely leaves my side. He constantly wants to be held which is great for attachment and is a real workout! My abs and legs are sore from constantly carrying around a 24 pound child. When Henry does leave my side he looks at me, makes great eye contact and then waves good-bye to me and blows me a kiss. It's so cute! Of course, I follow him because he is into everything!

Henry's nanny rocked him to sleep and I am pretty sure she cuddled with him if he woke up at night. Henry is going to sleep around 7:30PM and wakes up around 2:30AM and then every hour after that until 5AM when he wants to get up for the day. Henry will cry and cry until I pick him up. I can get him to go back to sleep if I rock him. I'm a little bit exhausted. I am going to bed at 7:30 too, it's the only way I can function the next day.

Yesterday Igor parallel played with Henry and this morning invited Henry to play hide and seek. I think that's serious progress. Igor can be very compassionate and caring towards Henry and then he will wish that Henry would leave him alone. Here's a sweet picture of the two of them at the airport.
Henry still has tummy troubles but the doctor does not want to test him for parasites until he has finished his antibiotic. Henry had his second visit to the pediatrician's office. I thought I saw the beginnings of ring worm! Henry does have ring worm so we have started an oral anti-fungal medication. Henry took the medicine two days in a row without a fuss. Today he spit the medicine at me. Good times! I have to agree with Henry, the medicine is nasty. I will add it to yogurt tomorrow. Did I mention that I am itching? This morning I found a dry scaly patch on my body. I really hope I don't have ring worm!


Jori said...

Hello to my praying friend!! You are so in my thoughts and in my prayers. You told me 6 months and I am expecting you to have the same grace for yourself! This is not for the faint of heart!
love ya, jori

E said...

May God's grace & mercy cover all four of you!

Henry sounds so sweet & full of character. I look forward to hearing more Henry tales and love hearing about big brother, Igor. Sounds like they're doing fantastic! It's such a joy to watch my boys as brothers!

Something "clicked" at 6 months for us, but there was a definite shift at right around 3 months, too. However, each day & week saw growth and improvement. We're still seeing that...but more subtly at this point, of course. You've been through all this before, but I know we saw these changes occur with Eben, too, as he got used to wearing the big brother hat. It was really a whole family thing and we all sort of felt/saw/experienced the big shifts together...even big bro.


P.S. I had ringworm once and it went away super easy applying some cream (just over the counter stuff...no big deal). If it has to be something, that's at least a pretty easy one. Anyway, I hope it just goes away and isn't anything at all! :)

beBOLDjen said...

Henry sounds to be doing quite well. I love the picture of your two boys together! So sweet.
I love your nickname for Henry. Boy can I relate!!

Jonas has ringworm on his scalp and before they prescribed an oral antifungal (topical treatments don't work for the scalp)they wanted to do blood tests for liver and kidney function. Everything came back normal on the blood tests so I hope to have him on antifungal soon (the doc wanted to do a test to be truly sure it was ringworm before giving the meds... waiting for results... but there's no denying it!) In the meanwhile I keep praying no one else contracts it.

Team Dragovich said...

Welcome home-late!! Everything sounds so normal-- no sleep, clingy boy, ringworm... sigh :) I'm so glad you have him home and I'm excited to meet him this spring sometime!

Big Hugs,

CM and JM said...

I love reading about your family of 4! Your transition sounds great- Igor is being such a great big brother - tell him we are proud of him. :) Carine