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Friday, January 16, 2009

doctors, blood and finding the Goth Guy

Yesterday, Igor and I took Henry to the doctor for his IA medical evaluation. We were scheduled for one hour and ended up being in the office for 2 1/2 hours! The doctor was able to confirm that Henry's ears are all cleared up. Woo-hoo! She said to keep Henry on a bottle for one more month, not because he needs it but because it's familiar. Henry has gained a pound in the last twelve days, so she was very pleased. Now, I can put on my work-out chart that I am carrying around a 25 pound boy.

She gave us the kit to collect "samples" so they may determine if he has any parasites. We dropped them off this morning. They couldn't do the TB test because the office will be closed on Sunday so the next step.. blood. I am not sure if I should insert circus music here or sad dramatic music, both probably apply. A former NICU nurse and 2 Physicians Assistants tried to draw his blood with no luck. Henry cried his little eyes out! I got the job of holding Henry down- ugh....The receptionist had to take Igor out of the exam room... you get the picture. The former NICU nurse told me that we will have to go to the hospital to get Henry's blood drawn. She said, "You want the "Goth Guy" at the hospital., he's the best." She could not remember his name. They gave me some formula, I paid the bill, scheduled the TB test for Monday and went home exhausted.

At home I shared our time with the doctor with Rob and mentioned that I need to find the Goth Guy. Rob shook his head- how are you going to find the Goth Guy? I didn't know but I figured it would all work out.

This morning I called the hospital and was transferred several times. I finally spoke with a nurse who suggested I call the Women's and Infant Unit of the Hospital since Henry is 23 months old. She gave me the number but before she hung up I asked her if the Goth Guy worked in this unit. She said he worked in her department but they don't make appointments you just show up and get one of the phlebotomists on duty. I explained my situation then she whispered, "His name is xxxxx. Call him at the following number xxx-xxxx between 12:30-1:00 to talk with him directly." Now we are getting some where! So, in 2 hours I will call to see if he will draw Henry's blood.
More to come...


Jori said...

Hoping the Goth guy works out!! Gotta love how we see people! :):)
love ya, jori

jill coen said...

When you go back ask for some wide tongue depressers...they will scoop the poop so much easier! :) I know...yuck!

E said...

Oh, Candy...I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. We had major difficulties getting Abel's blood drawn and it was a very tortuous ordeal. Each time that we had it done, it took about an hour...and he was SCREAMING and thrashing, veins popping out everywhere...but they truly struggled to draw blood. He has small, "wiggly" veins, they said.

The second time they weren't even sure if they got enough, but it turned out they did. Thank God. I'm still traumatized by the whole thing, to be honest. If the goth guy works, he's definitely worth tracking down!!! I'm saying a prayer for you & Henry RIGHT NOW.


MLewis said...

Hi Candy,

I hope you will be able to track down the "Goth" guy at the hospital for Henry. Good Luck!

ethiHOPEia said...

The Goth guy! How funny. The experiences we go through...

I also enjoyed the story of Igor's vacation. Did you ask him when it is your turn for vacation? :)