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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our anniversary

Today is our anniversary! I would like to say that Rob woke me up at 6AM with breakfast in bed but Henry had other ideas!
Henry woke up at 1:45 am. I took him downstairs because I thought he might be hungry. He didn't eat a lot at dinner which is unusual for him. No, Henry wasn't hungry, he had a tummy ache. My first clue was the loud rumbling in his tummy. I was certain he had swallowed a small volcano based on noise coming from his tummy! Three diaper changes within 5 minutes confirmed the tummy trouble. Yes, I had to wash the floor again. I cannot wait until his doctor's appointment on Thursday!
You would think Henry would be grumpy because he doesn't feel well but he is the happiest child I have ever seen. After his diaper changes he wanted to play, he sang and danced while I prayed he would fall asleep. Around 3AM he finally slowed down and fell asleep.

A dear woman from our church is making us an Anniversary dinner! She's a fabulous cook so I'm sure it will be delicious. I haven't made a meal this week. Every other day someone from church has brought over a meal. It's been great because I'm too tired to cook and Henry the barnacle rarely leaves my arms.

I have three scaly patches on my body that might be the start of ring worm. I really want to lather my entire body up with anti-fungal cream (think sun screen) but I have restrained myself! I confirmed with the pharmacist that I only need to apply it to the scaly parts two times daily for 3 weeks.

Other than Henry's tummy, the early wake up calls and my potential ring worm- life is pretty good!


Matthew said...

Happy Anniversary...were you married in the south as well? When January rolls around here we think, why did we get married in January...oh yeah, it was warm in Florida!

Anyway...happy, happy celebration! and good luck with that tummy bug...I've been there myself many times!

E said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

What a blessing those meals must be! There's so much for you right now with the transition...making dinner would fall pretty far back on my list, I must say.

Hee hee. Good for you for resisting the temptation to slather yourself with anti-fungal. You're a better woman than me...I doubt I could have resisted. :)