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Sunday, January 18, 2009

No luck and Igor takes a break

The Goth Guy was off on Friday so I wasn't able to speak with him. The lab is closed on Monday so I will try again on Tuesday. If I cannot reach him Tuesday we will go to the Women's and Infants Hospital to have Henry's blood drawn.

Schools are closed Monday and Tuesday so Igor decided he wanted to go to Papa and Babushka's house for a vacation. He is growing up too fast! I didn't know 6 yr old boys needed a vacation from their parents. Or maybe he needs a vacation from little brother? I asked him what he was going to do while he was at his grandparents house. Igor replied, "I'm going to take a long rest, take long baths, eat and play." Inside I was chuckling - take a long rest? Has my son turned into an old man? I have to give him credit, he thought it out, he knew he wanted to go and his grandparents were more than willing to have him stay with them so he's on vacation until Tuesday. While Igor is gone I have a few hours to myself while Henry is napping. I have missed my alone time.

I thought we were on the verge of a great sleeping streak- Friday night Henry slept from 6:30PM until 7AM the next morning!! Last night he woke up at 2AM and was up for the day at 4AM. I hope tonight he will sleep straight through.

We haven't had much of a language barrier issue. When Henry wants to play outside he gets his shoes and points to the door. When he is hungry or thirsty he smacks his lips. On Friday he decided he was interested in books so I have added reading books to our routine. Yesterday Henry started waving me over so I would sit down with him. When he is upset he yells- MAMA, MAMA! to express his displeasure. Generally, he is a very happy little boy. We are so grateful he is our son.


E said...

Igor is so funny! I often think he & Eben have kindred spirits in a lot of really charming (possibly 60 year old man) sort of ways. :) Eben is also looking forward to his vacation in March. I'm not going to be with him, but he assures me he will not miss me. I always wonder at this considering how he's almost always by my side, chatting or snuggling or just hanging out. I hope he doesn't need a break from me, but I know he's in good hands and the trip will be a lot of fun for him...so I think it will be a good thing all around.

Henry sounds like he has so much personality...and is very good at communicating his wants/needs to you! That's a blessing! I hope the blood draw goes well and none of you are traumatized by the experience. :) I couldn't decide if it was harder on the grow-ups or the little one in our experience.

Have a great long weekend!


CM and JM said...

Happy vacation to Igor! Henry sounds sooo sweet. Hernia? who? My DH had a double hernia, got it operated on after our 2nd trip to RU.

Ray and Lisa said...

I think I need a vacation like Igor's! Too cute!