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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow, blood work and Igor returns

It's snowing outside! I wish Igor were here because he pines for snow and it rarely snows here. Igor will be home tonight!!

This morning Henry was up at 4:15 AM so we had plenty of time to play in the snow before we went to the hospital. Henry was not impressed with the snow. He stared at it, walked in it, then decided he wanted to go back inside where it was warm.

After a few pictures I made a few calls to the hospital but no one answered.

I gave up on reaching the Goth Guy because we really needed to get Henry's blood drawn today. We decided to take Henry to the Women's and Infants Hospital. Because most of our town shuts down when it snows, I wasn't sure if there would be anyone at the lab. We were able to get rock star parking which is a rarity at the hospital. When we arrived at the lab no one was at the desk but we waited until a nurse arrived and registered us.

There was a sign saying only one parent could go in with the child but Mary, the phlebotomist, said she wouldn't do that to us, we could both go in. Mary is a grandmother and loves little children. She was a sweet woman with a gentle touch. She quickly took Henry's blood... there was some crying and gnashing of teeth but they were able to get the five vials of blood! As soon as they took the needle out we gave Henry a bottle and all was right with the world. Henry fell asleep in the car before we got home.

This morning the pediatrician confirmed Henry has giardia. I am so glad they found it! It can be hard to detect. I think Henry will feel so much better once the giardia is gone.

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Danielle said...

Candy, looking forward to hearing if YOU'RE okay. Glad they found Giardia in Henry...well, you know what I mean :) Has the snow melted yet? It's still oh so cold in Indiana. Although I, unlike my DH, likes the snow (unless it's March) and figure if it's going to be freezing, there might as well be snow :) Maybe it's good Selah may be coming home as things start to get a little warmer :) Love, Danielle