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Monday, January 19, 2009

TB test and a Hernia?

Over the weekend I did something to my stomach. I have bulge less than an inch long and some bruising just to the right of my belly button. It doesn't hurt, it burns. I scheduled a doctor's appointment for this afternoon but 3 hours before the appointment the doctor had an emergency call so I will go Thursday. I looked online (always dangerous!) to see if I could self diagnose (also very dangerous!). One google search and "hernia" came up. Of course, I immediately pictured myself having a hernia operation AND trying to deal with a son who is a barnacle! Not to mention the number of stairs in our house.... So what did I do? I went to work in the yard because once my hubby finds out I have a hernia, I'm sure I'll be on restriction. It's January- we need to prune the apple trees, weed, get ready for a truck full of mulch this spring, etc. Ah, but really, what are the chances I have a hernia? I'm guessing really,really small. I did a lot of yard work, just in case.

This afternoon I took Henry for his TB test. One of my favorite nurses did the test. The burning pain on my stomach drove me to ask her about hernias. She shut the door asking to see the spot. After she saw the bruising and felt the bulge she said, "Let's get the head nurse in here." So here I am in the pediatrician's office having them look at my tummy! Have I no shame??? Well, clearly not! The head nurse comes in, takes a look and then says you've torn something, do you have an appointment with a GP? She tells me that it doesn't look like a hernia but I need to have it looked at this week. So, I don't have a hernia, whew!
I've got to go google "tear in the stomach muscle".... uh, just kidding...

One last thing, remember- When lifting heavy objects (such as your 25 lb child) it is important to lift correctly, with knees bent and your back and abdomen straight.


Susan said...

Girl, I hope you don't have a hernia. I got one when I was pregnant with Annika... UGH. You don't want to know anymore.

Hope it just gets better! Susan

shawn and tisha said...

I hope it's not a hernia and I hope you feel better soon!

I've fallen behind on commenting, but I've been keeping up with your posts. I loved reading about Igor's vacation. It's cool that he wanted to take a vacation. :) It sounds like you're all doing so well!

Apryl said...

I did the SAME THING a few months ago!! I was in such pain and thought it must be a hernia (also due to internetting). Talked to my uncle, a doc, and he said I probably just tore something. I was sneezing all day long and holding a "barnacle" baby that also weighs 25 lbs. Being a mommy is so dangerous. I hope it all turns out okay--I took it easy for a bit and it healed.

E said...

Hmm...I pulled a muscle in my chest recently (weird, I know)...turns out that's really irritating when it comes to the little things...like breathing. Anyway, I will say a prayer right now and hope this will feel better very soon.