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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This week

For our anniversary Rob and I had a fantastic candle lit dinner with our two boys. Faye brought over a wonderful meal which included candles and a candle sticks. Igor insisted that we turn off all the lights and eat by candle light. I think Igor be a romantic?

Henry continues to adjust to the time. Yesterday he woke up at 4:30 AM and this morning at 5:30 AM! He does wake up around 2:45 each morning and demands to co-sleep with us. For now one of us sleeps with him in the guest room from 2:45 until he wakes up for the morning.

The Christmas tree and all the decorations are finally down! It took few hours each day while Henry was sleeping but it's finally done!

Every other night a dear family from our church bring us a meal for dinner. I have not cooked since returning home and it's been awesome. It has allowed me to focus on the Henry and Igor!

I spoke with Ms. Joya yesterday. She has agreed enroll Henry in her nursery school at the beginning of September. I know, I know, it seems a little early to make that decision but she fills up as early as February for the following school year! Henry is showing such wonderful signs of attachment that I think he will be ready for 2 or 3 days of nursery school this fall. If not, we'll try again next January.

We haven't taken Henry to church yet. I don't want to over stimulate him or infect other children with ring worm. Tomorrow I take him to the doctor. She will do all the medically testing to determine if he has any other ailments. Once he gets the all clear and Rob and I think he is ready for church we will take him.

I still carry Henry around but I Have started to put him down and offer my hand which he gladly takes. I also chase Henry around the house which he loves. Henry LOVES the outdoors. When he wants to go outside he will walk to the laundry room pick up his shoes then point to the door. The language barrier has not been a problem so far. Although, I don't think he speaks Amharic... mostly he babbles. Henry recently discovered the toilet and loves to put his hand in the water.... YUCK! I have to watch him like a hawk because he gets into everything. We are having a lot of fun together discovering new and exciting things.

Igor is engaging more with Henry. They parallel play with trucks and love to wrestle with daddy together.

We are very blessed at our house. Every day gets more "normal".


E said...

We better never leave your Henry and my Abel together in a room or I'm pretty sure they'll take the place down. Abel loves the toilet,too, and is into absolutely everything. Since we're in a new setting this week, I'm having to watch him constantly. Phew...it's tiring! :)

Sounds like you guys are doing great! What a wonderful blessing!

I get where you're coming from with good schools. Before I decided to homeschool, I had to sign Eben up 18 months in advance to get him into the school I wanted him to go to! It's crazily competitive where those precious slots are concerned!

Have a blessed week!


shawn and tisha said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

It sounds like you guys are doing really well! I'm so glad!

We waited a while before taking Wesley to church too and I'm glad we waited. I think all of the people and the loudness of the music would have really freaked him out if we would've went any earlier than we did.

I'm so glad things are going well for your family. I'll be praying for Henry to get fully adjusted to U.S. time. :)